Group Outing to Houston Dash Game, Summer 2022
The Killian Research Group Spring 2021
2021 Summer Retreat: Galveston

Current Group Members

Professor Thomas Killian

Dean, Wiess School of Natural Sciences

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Phone: 713-348-2927
Office: 201/336 Brockman Hall

Soumya K Kanungo

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Physics and Astronomy

Yi Lu

Graduate Student
Physics and Astronomy

MacKenzie Warrens

Graduate Student
Physics and Astronomy

Brent Kruzel

Graduate Student
Physics and Astronomy

Chuanyu Wang

Graduate Student
Applied Physics

Nina Inman

Graduate Student
Physics and Astronomy

Wren Kawamura

Undergraduate Student
Physics and Astronomy


Bennett Husick

Undergraduate Student
Physics and Astronomy

Former Group Members

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Joseph Whalen - 2021, Senior Laser Scientist, computational Physics Inc., Springfield, VA
Trevor Strickler - 2018-2016, Algorithm Engineer, Mantis Vision, Salt Lake City, UT
Hong Gao - 2006-2008, Research Staff, National Time Service Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi'an, China
Ying-Cheng Chen - 2002-2004, Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Atomic & Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Ashok Vudayagiri - 2001-2002, Associate Professor of Physics at University of Hyderabad, India

Graduate Students:

Soumya K. Kanungo - PhD 2022, Postdoc, Rice University, Killian Group
Grant Gorman - PhD 2022, Postdoc, Rice University, Stephen Bradshaw Group
Joseph Whalen - PhD 2021, Postdoc, Rice University, Killian Group
Joshua Hill - PhD 2021, Army Research Laboratory
Roger Ding - PhD 2019, Sandia National Laboratories
James Aman - PhD 2019, Chief Technology Officer at Topl
Beta Sharkfin - Lab Goldfish, Honorary Graduate Student 2015-18
Thomas Langin - PhD 2018, Postdoc, Yale University, DeMille Group
Francisco Camargo - Ph.D 2017, Sr. Product Development EngineerAdvanced Micro Devices (AMD), Austin, Texas
Brian DeSalvo - PhD 2015, Asst. Prof. of Physics, Indiana University Bloomington, Bloomington, Indiana
Patrick McQuillen - Ph.D 2015, Physics Instructor, Arapahoe Community College, Denver, Colorado
Mi Yan - PhD 2013, Senior Data Scientist (Fuels, Lubricants, Chemical & Corporate), ExxonMobil IT, Houston, Texas
Ying Huang - M.S 2013
Jose Castro - PhD 2011, Chief Scientist, Ad Astra Rocket Company, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Dan Stark - PhD 2011, Sensors, Control, and Automation Technology Lead and Project Manager at Halliburton, Houston, Texas
Pascal Mickelson - PhD 2010, Principal Scientist at Aquanis, Inc., East Greenwich, Rhode Island personal page
Natali Martinez de Escobar - PhD 2010, Halliburton, Houston
Priya Gupta - PhD 2007, Data Scientist, Amazon, San Francisco, CA
Clayton Simien - PhD 2007, Asst. Prof. of Physics, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama
Sampad Laha - PhD 2006, TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company, Houston
Sarah Nagel - PhD 2007, Instructor at Henderson Collegiate, Henderson, North Carolina
Aaron Saenz - MS 2005, Global Partner Program Operations Manager at Blue Prism, Austin, TX

Undergraduate Students (current and former):

Wren Kawamura - Rice Undergraduate, BS expected 2025
Bennett Husick - Rice Undergraduate, BS expected 2025
Caleb Robinson - Rice Undergraduate, BS 2022, pursuing PhD at Univ. of Wisconsin
Priyansh Lunia - Rice Undergraduate, BS 2021, pursuing PhD at Columbia Univ.
Mirriam Matney - Rice Undergraduate, BS 2020, pursuing PhD at Univ. of Notre Dame.
William Huie - Rice Undergraduate, BS 2020, pursuing PhD at UIUC.
Alex Wikner - Rice Undergraduate, summer 2017
Kyle Chow - Rice Undergraduate, summer 2016
Ilian Plompen - Eindhoven University of Technology, visiting researcher Fall 2016.
Nikola Maksimovic - Summer 2017, pursuing PhD at UC Boulder.
Weixuan Guo - Peking University, visiting researcher Fall 2107.
Zhitao Chen - Rice Undergraduate, BS 2017, pursuing PhD at UCSB.
Michael Viray -RQI Summer 2014, Univ. of Virginia
Aslak Poulsen -Summer 2013, Copenhagen
Noah Morrison -Summer 2013, Univ. of Texas
Kelli Humbird -RQI Summer 2013, pursuing PhD at Rice
Kevin Gilmore -RQI Summer 2012, pursuing PhD at UC Boulder
Pakorn Wongwaitayakornkul - BS 2014, pursuing PhD at Cal Tech
Wenmiao (Wendy) Liu - BS 2013, employed at CGG
Xizheng Ma - BS 2013, pursuing PhD at UC Boulder
T. J. Sarkar - BS 2013, pursuing PhD at Stanford
Charles Zha - BS 2013, PhD at Princeton
Ben Lewis - Rice undrgraduate
Mike Peron - Rice BS 2012
James Aman - Rice BS 2011, PhD at Rice
Rupak Chakraborty - Summer 2009, PhD at MIT
James Katz
Chin-wei (Vic) Hu
Irina Patrikeeva - BS 2013
Aaron Dunn - 2007-2008
Aditya Shashi - 2005-2008
Andrew Traverso - 2005-2008
Kris Zarling - 2005-2007
Khalilah Moore - RQI Summer 2006
Josh Dorr - RQI Summer 2005
Scott McIssac - 2005-2006
Meaghan Paceley - RQI Summer 2005
Ian Stevenson - 2004-2005
Temple Keller - 2003-2004
Olen Rambow - Summer 2002
Yara Mejia - RQI Summer 2002

Brockman Hall B16 Rice University 6100 Main Street Houston, TX 77005 713-348-3126
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